At this time, we are moving forward with the intent to participate in a "normal" club volleyball schedule; however, we do realize that Ohio and surrounding states may institute COVID regulations that impact this type of schedule. We are committed to finding/offering competition opportunities for all of our teams whether it is through traditional tournament play, local events, or league play opportunities.



Champaign County Volleyball Club (Sharks) is a volleyball program dedicated to providing high quality volleyball experiences for girls who are ages 10-18.  If you are looking for a high energy learning environment, we are the club for you! All teams will be registered within the Ohio Valley Region of the USA Volleyball Organization (  It is the intent of our Club, as we work with young athletes, to promote fairness and good sportsmanship as they learn, compete and grow to love volleyball. Our goal is to provide our athletes with a high value, high quality volleyball experience at a reasonable price. 


We emphasize quality of coaching before quantity of teams - we won't simply add teams to accommodate players if we can't provide quality coaches for all teams. We want to give players a chance to play - coaches will ensure that everyone will get an opportunity to play at tournaments, although equal playing time will not be promised. Regional teams will focus on teaching fundamentals and giving players playing time to learn the game. American and National teams will focus on improving fundamentals, teaching strategic concepts of the game, and building a team that can compete with other National teams in their age group.

We will be straightforward and honest - you may not always like what you hear, but it will be honest information that is presented in a direct and fair manner.

We will COACH and be passionate about it - our coaches aren't going to sit on the sideline, we are going to get up and instruct and coach and share our knowledge and passion for the game.


We recognize and support the fact that many of our athletes may also play other school sports and may be involved in other school or extra-curricular activities. We also recognize how difficult it is to put a team together when coaches or members of that team are absent during training sessions. Our attendance policy is designed to try to accommodate busy schedules AND our goal of developing better volleyball players and teams.

  • Player MUST notify team coach(es) whenever she is going to miss practice or arrive more than 15 minutes late for practice. This notification should be given at least 24 hours in advance. Team coach(es) will inform you of the best method for contacting him/her.

  • Missing a practice may result in a loss of playing time at the next tournament, the extent of this will be determined by the team's head coach with consideration of the reason for absence and the impact the player's absence has on the team.

  • Missing more than half of a practice will count as one absence.

  • Missing any part of a tournament will count as an absence and may result in a loss of playing time upon player's return to tournament or at the next tournament. This is at the head coach's discretion.

  • Regardless of the reason, a player may not incur more than 10 absences. The 10th occurrence will result in a review by the team coaches and Club Director and may result in suspension from the team/club. Expulsion from the club is a possible consequence for continued absences after exceeding the initial 10 absences.

    • 100% playing time is not guaranteed … only training.

Game Time Sports Center

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